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Ultrasonic rodent repellent

Apr 21, 2021

Ultrasonic rodent repellent is an effective method to control mice. High-pitched sound waves produce non-repetitive sounds to prevent rodents from getting used to the sound.

For greater effect, the loudest spike in the sound can replicate the screams of male male rats. Rodents are very territorial and will constantly fight for dominance. The sound of the dominant rodent prevents others from living in a certain territory.

It is important to note that ultrasonic frequencies will not propagate between the walls. Therefore, in order to obtain the most effective mouse control, ultrasound equipment needs to be placed in multiple rooms.

The most common deworming error is to use them alone to control established infestations. Traps and rodenticides as well as sanitation and elimination measures should be used in combination with ultrasonic insect repellents as part of the integrated pest management work.

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