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Preparation Technology Of Sticky Mouse Glue

Jun 08, 2020

There are two methods of industrial mass production and manual production of mouse glue, which are now explained separately as follows.

1. Industrial mass production method: Put the main rubber, low molecular weight polyisobutylene and antioxidant into the heat conduction oil reaction kettle, heat and stir to evacuate all of them, then put olefin polymer, heat and stir to vacuum to all of them Melt and mix evenly, the product mouse glue is obtained after the material is packaged. The preparation method of the mouse glue is simple, the equipment investment is small, and the production is safe and environmentally friendly. Compared with the production of traditional mouse glue, the production time is short, the efficiency is high, the cost is low, the adhesion at room temperature and low temperature is excellent, the high temperature flow resistance and the weather resistance good.

2. Manual production method at home: 3-8 parts butyl rubber, 30-50 parts liquid polyisobutylene, 30-50 parts naphthenic oil, 8-15 parts C5 petroleum resin, 1-6 parts polyethylene , 0.3-0.6 parts of antioxidants, 0.05-1.5 parts of peanut essence. Or ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin 100-150 parts, polybutene 40-100 parts, polyethylene resin 40-100 parts, rosin 49-100 parts. Put the above components together in a container and heat to full flame, stirring and cooling.


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