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Mouse Traps

Jan 03, 2020

The rodent control tools can be divided into many types according to their manufacturing process and operation methods. Common ones are plate-type mousetraps and gate-type mousetraps. The following mainly introduces the lower plate type mouse clip, as follows: a plate type mouse clip for rodent control, whose flap is used on the two edges of the seat plate and the pedal to increase the stress area. The pins on both sides of the flap are inserted into the holes of the rivet plate and suspended between the seat plate and the pedal. The three together form an integrated base to blur the mouse’s vision and easily induce it to step into the danger zone. The metal sill of the pedal is used to suffocate the breath of the knocked down mouse and make it difficult to break free. The utility model is safe and labor-saving when used, and it is easy to induce the mouse to be clamped and killed by the coiled coil spring.


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