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Mosquito Lamp

Jun 22, 2020

The mosquito killer lamp is a simple and practical mechanical device that traps mosquitoes by releasing light beam chemicals and then traps mosquitoes through a negative pressure device according to the living habits of mosquitoes. An environmental protection equipment is a new generation of highly efficient environmental protection mosquito killing equipment that absorbs foreign technology and then carries out a number of technical improvements.


An environmentally friendly and pollution-free high-efficiency killing tool black light lamp developed by using the mosquito’s tendency to light, move with the airflow, temperature sensitivity, and clustering, especially the mosquito’s habit of chasing carbon dioxide and sex pheromones. . The mosquito killer lamp can be divided into three types: electronic mosquito killer lamp, sticky trap mosquito killer lamp, and negative pressure airflow mosquito killer lamp. The mosquito killer lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, elegant appearance, small size, and low power consumption. Since it does not need to use any chemical mosquito killing substance during use, it is a relatively environmentally friendly way to kill mosquitoes.


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