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Hebei Honde Industrial Trade Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd

Hebei Honde Group, which founded in year 2002, is professional in pest control products area.We specialized in producing and exporting pest control products which include bait station, animal trap cage, mole trap, mouse trap, bird spikes, glue trap, electronic repellent and so on.

  • 4000+Technical personnel
  • 152Awards Win
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  • How to confirm if there are any rodents in the house

    How to confirm if there are any rodents in the house

    By paying close attention to the situation, prevent any rodent problems in advance. Use bait to identify rodent problems before they become serious. By ignoring this, you can see if…

  • Actions after controlling pests

    Actions after controlling pests

    Once you regain control and no longer have pests roaming around your home, it is time to take defensive measures and prevent them from returning. Remove bait, such as readily…

  • Ways to eliminate pests quickly

    Ways to eliminate pests quickly

    The pests need to be eliminated quickly to regain control of your property. Rats are notorious for reproducing fast, so if you only see one or two, the problem on…

  • Implement comprehensive rodent control

    Implement comprehensive rodent control

    The first way to get rid of rats and mice is to use an integrated method. what does that mean? You need to use different methods to be as effective…

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