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  What are the methods rodent?

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Rodent control methods. Make rodent control is the key to remove rodents, particularly important in rural areas.
    Waste Network: out in the sewer entrance plus barbed wire, mesh no larger than 1 cm in diameter, to prevent the mouse up and down in the sewer pipe. Ditches to increase net operating between catering or other items covered, not exposed.
    Rodent door: in important local sects half 30-50 cm high iron nails, prevent rats gnawing bad door, or add a height of 60 cm of iron gate, the mice were shut out, it is best to do the entire Housing rodent.
    Narrowing the gap: the door and the floor, doors and windows, doors and window sills gap repair, so the gap is not greater than 0.6 cm to prevent fleeing Mus musculus.
    Hardened ground: promptly broken, not hardened ground repair, or hardening of the road, to prevent rats nest Daodong.

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