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  What should be paid attention to exterminate rats?

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Exterminate rats matters needing attention

    1, in the process of rodents, banning the use of acute drug, otherwise it will cause the mouse alert, so that the bait.

    2, mice with molar habit, like feeding a shell bait, feeding, eat rice and spit out the chaff, so often bite the telephone line, cable, etc.The mouse.
    3, can according to the on-site construction personnel determine trace of the rat rat road, the drug delivery point infested by rats.
    4, mice eat too little, suspicious, pure with bait can't completely to extinction, must be supplemented by rat cage, such as physical method of prevention and cure.
    5, poison bait rodents must be fresh, encase them to standard, location accuracy and hidden, to ensure that the mouse can ingest, effective MieZhi to administer them.
    6, poison bait on the rodents to do "three rates", or 100% coverage,, must be 100%, 100% retention rate, unified time focus on action, in the same area at the same time on the deratization poison bait is a kind of effective method was used.
    7, put poison bait test much rain in the south, as far as possible avoid rat poison in the rain.(long-term moisture large drop in places such as manholes la piece of bait), for the failure of coagulant dosage before cleaning the old poison bait, keep poison bait fresh and effective.
    8, one thousand people and livestock poisoning, can use vitamin K1 drug detoxification.

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