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  How to eliminate rats warehouse?

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    1. Food Methods: rice, flour, corn flour fried food, add a little sesame oil, then mix with dry cement, put the mouse frequented place. Cement tasteless, food and oil incense smell rats would devour them, after eating cement solidified inhalation of water in the intestine, causing constipation, abdominal swelling and died.
    2, lecythus induced rat: drip a few drops of sesame oil in the empty bottle, the bottle on the mouse hole, when the bottle is on the hole, the rat smell of sesame oil flavor, it will squeeze the bottle, because they can not be drilled out , so you can catch mice.
    3, empty cylinder trapped rat: find a mouthful about one meter tall cylinder or similar container (which should be smooth), take a piece of tissue paper slightly larger than the brim, on the brim paste gently, but do not paste in prison and then fried in the paper the center. When the mouse to eating noodles, the paper will break, fall into the cylinder, it will snap.

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