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  Bleeding is the dog bites, how to do?

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1, under normal circumstances, if bitten bleeding, should first wash the wound with soap and water, then saline wash the wound, and finally wound with iodine disinfection, if the wound is necessary to use a large gauze bandage, taking another point of anti-inflammatory drugs. There is going to play better at the rabies vaccine, just in case.
2, we must first be clear is not all dogs are likely to bite infected with rabies, but rabies attack was three days before to three days after. After the saliva of rabid dog bites has begun detox, only 30% -70% chance of being infected. General domesticated dogs just have a chance to carry the rabies virus, not a direct infection. So if your home is not a dog outside all day and unidentified dogs slapstick, or it does not exhibit the owner of the initiative to attack, such as irritability, or other symptoms such as drooling, you can rest assured it is very healthy.
3, then there is a method to judge more insurance is provided by the World Health Organization - When you are bitten by a dog behavioral abnormalities and bleeding after the first dose of rabies vaccine injections required. Then observe your dog bites, if within ten days of nothing, the next vaccine would not fight, and this is the WHO international guidelines.
4, the fruit of their own domesticated dogs are generally no problem, no contact with any bacteria, do not be nervous. But then I suggest you give the dog a dog vaccination. For safety reasons must play a rabies vaccine annually.

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