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  No.2 How to eliminate rats warehouse?

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    Bowl button mouse: the pin end with tape posted on a ball, and the other end to put on a little pork, then Wanbian gently pressed on the ball, needle to be heading in the bowl, pull the ball mouse stealing, is detained in the bowl. After the mice were found to hold back, to suppress the bowl close to the ground shaking, and so on Wanbian from rat tail exposed to, you can grab killed.
    With mouse anti-rat: After catching mice, in which the anus into one to two beans, then sewn anus, and then put the mice run. Not long, soybeans will swell, made uncomfortable mad mouse, it will desperately to bite other mice, one day killed more than a dozen, and finally it themselves die.
    Cat sound rodent: let the cat to send a strong vibrato, which sound input tape, and then in the regular activities of the local broadcast mice, rats heard the sound of a cat, they'll flee everywhere; after repeated playing, mice appear sluggish, loss of appetite, stop breeding so gradually die.

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